Shop Tour

My shop isn’t a pristine showplace where all the can labels face forward and spotless benches. Zeke Justice once looked the place over and said ‘I could work here’, its a comfortable shop that makes you feel at home.
I’ve tried to break it into areas where different stuff is done and I’ll lead you thru them. We do some sheetmetal fabrication, I set up a small shop for it but the equipment has taken on a life of its’ own and it spread around.
Here’s the basic sheetmetal shop, layout/design table in the foreground and some of the equipment.

And some of the other pieces that get moved around a bit:

Well, I kinda lied about that, nobody has ever moved the Trumpf that I’m aware of. You’re welcome to try.
There’s a few other pieces but the battery just quit on the camera and I can’t take more specific ‘showy’ pictures but I have other pics I can upload from the computer.
There is a ‘heavy’ fabrication area where we do the cutting, grinding and welding. This is generally longer term projects, like this ’52 Nash Healey we’re doing. This is where we have the work benches, welder, milling machines etc:

This was an early shot of that area when the Nash Healey was out for media blasting we built a frame or two. I don’t have any other pics of that area, I’ll add them when the camera gets recharged.
There are a couple workbays, one is for more short-term projects and the other for more comprehensive work, these 2 areas featured in the ‘Current Projects’ section. But here’s a couple pics of them:

I couldn’t resist the 2nd pic of that truck, it is too cool for words – 4 wheel steering!

That Tee in the above pic was in interesting story, heres another pic when we got it done

Well, the battery got charged and I took some more pics, heres more of the Fabrication Shop, looking around from left to right, a pair of small milling machines, the Jet has a rotary table, welding bench and work benches. I took a pic of the Nash Healey sitting on a frame jig, I’ll be starting a page on it in the ‘Current Projects’ section. It’s a very comprehensive build, all hand fabricated,

My Carb Shop is a source of pride and I really do enjoy building carbs. I purchase old inventories and add them into mine, those old Carter cabinets are packed, the other cabinets are dedicated to specific lines like Zenith etc and I’m always expanding.

Well, thats about it. These is a retail area/showroom, this is an active shop and people purchase products that we use and see how we install them, even been known to loan a special tool to help somebody out.
Feel free to come and visit, if you have a question all you have to do is ask. Just respect that when we are working somebody expect us to give full attention to what we are doing, much of what we work on is very rare and we need to concentrate on what we’re doing.
We’re open to the public, most every day. If you are coming after 6pm nest to call and let us know you’re coming. I’m usually here until about 8 most nights.
If you like what you see I hear we have a Facebook page, dunno where it came from but you could leave a favorable note there. It might be important.
Thanks for looking, OJ